We are offering the following services:

Eyelash Extensions
Extreme Eyelash Lashes Extension
Extreme Lashes Extension (full set) – Last up to two months

Xtreme Lashes Eyelash Extensions is the most advanced service that combines the best products on the market and excellent results. At our spa, Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions are applied exclusively by licensed professionals.

Tanning Indoor Tanning – an easy way to have a healthy glow or to prepare your skin before your vacation. This will help you get attractive skin color and avoid burns in the sun. Tanning is a perfect source of vitamin D.
It can also help improve your mood through the release of endorphins. We have 5 levels of tanning beds (1 to 5) and offer lying and standing tan.

Spray Tan
Spray TanSpray tanning is the trend in the tanning industry. It is safe, quick and provides the best results compared to conventional tanning methods without damaging your skin.
We use spray made with ecocert certified organic DHA.

Massage Therapy
Massage Therapy
Relaxation Massage | Deep Tissue Massage
Swedish Massage | Hot Stone Massage
Pre-Natal Massage | Neck, Back & Shoulder Massage Reflexology Foot Massage

Beauty Facial is a comprehensive treatment for all skin types that enhances natural beauty. Each treatment is tailored to your specific needs and includes cleansing, gentle exfoliation, soothing massage and a customized finishing mask to nourish your skin.

Hair Removal
Hair Removal
Waxing and tweezing are also available at Endless Summer Salon and Spa. Whether it is your face, brows, bikini line,
or legs, we are here to remove that unwanted body hair.

Infrared Sauna

Infrared Sauna
Infrared Sauna flushes away toxins and relieves stress. It can help increase your metabolism (burn up to 600 calories in just 1 session), reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve circulation, and become more active in everything you do!

Infrared Saunas assist with and/or alleviate symptoms of the following:

· Pain Relief
· Weight Loss
· Increases Extensibility of Collagen Tissue
· Joint Stiffness
· Increases Blood Flow
· Menopausal Symptoms
· Detoxification of the Body
· And Many More…